Setting the CbCR Parent Entity

By default, the CbCR Summary and Risk Assessment forms show data for all Entities under FCCS_Total Geography (Total Geography).

For users that prefer to analyze data for a specific geographic area, you can set a User Variable that points to a selected CbCR Parent Entity from which you can run analysis for all CbCR Summary and Risk Assessment forms. For example, rather than using Total Geography, you could set the CbCR Parent Entity to United States.
Setting CbCR Parent Entity under Preferences

After the CbCR Parent Entity is set, data for the following reports is populated for the selected CbCR Entity parent:

  • Under CbCR, then Summary:
    • Table 1
    • Table 1 by Jurisdiction
    • Table 2
  • Under CbCR, then Risk Assessment:
    • Employee Ratios
    • Revenue Ratios
    • Profit Ratios
    • Income Tax Paid Ratios
    • Income Tax Accrued Ratios
    • Asset Ratios
    • Equity Ratios

For detailed instructions on setting the CbCR Entity, see Setting User Variables.