Setting Your Display Preferences

You can set how you want numbers formatted, how many members to display on the Page drop-down list, how the members are indented, how dates are formatted, and whether consolidation operators display.

To set your display preferences:

  1. On the Home page, click Tools, and then User Preferences.
  2. Click Display.
    Set Display Preferences
  3. Set your preferences:
    • Under Number Formatting, set how numbers are formatted. Your selections apply to all currencies, in all forms to which you have access. You can't select the same option for the Thousands Separator and the Decimal Separator.

      Table 2-1 Number Formatting Options

      Option Example
      Thousands Separator

      None: 1000

      Comma: 1,000

      Dot: 1.000

      Space: 1 000

      You can enter values with or without a thousands separator.

      Decimal Separator

      Dot: 1000.00

      Comma: 1000,00

      You can enter values with or without a decimal separator.

      Negative Sign

      Prefixed Minus: -1000

      Suffixed Minus: 1000-

      Parentheses: (1000)

      Negative Color

      Black: Negative numbers are black

      Red: Negative numbers are red

    • Under Page Options, Indentation of Members, set how members are indented on the page and how many items you want listed on the Page drop-down list. If you select Do not indent, the members are displayed as a flat, sequential list. If the Page drop-down list displays so many items that you have to scroll through the list, you may want to set a lower number of items to display in the Number of Items on the Page Drop-down.

    • Under Other Options, set whether to show consolidation operators (for example, Yes, No, or use the Form Setting). Also set the Date Format (for example, dd/MM/yyyy). Selecting Automatically Detect sets the date format based on your browser locale. The format you select is used throughout the user interface, including in reports.

  4. Click Save.