14.2 Controlling Navigation Using Branches

Add navigation to application pages by creating branches. A branch is an instruction to link to a specific page, procedure, or URL after a given page is submitted.

14.2.1 Creating a Branch

Create a branch in Page Designer.

To create a branch:

  1. View the page in Page Designer:
    1. On the Workspace home page, click the App Builder icon.
    2. Select an application.
    3. Select a page.
    Page Designer appears.
  2. Create a branch in the left pane:
    • Rendering tab - Right-click and select Create Branch
    • Processing tab - Right-click and select Create Branch.

    The Property Editor displays the Branch attributes.

  3. Page Designer indicates what to do next. If there is an error, the Show Messages icon displays in the Page Developer toolbar.
    1. Click the Show Messages icon on the Page Designer toolbar.
      The Messages dialog displays errors that must be addressed.
    2. Select an error to highlight the associated attribute in the Property Editor.
  4. In the Property Editor, edit the attributes:


    To learn more about an attribute, select the attribute in the Property Editor and click the Help tab in the central pane.

    1. Identification, Name - Specify the name of the branch for easy identification by developers.
    2. Execution Options:
      1. Sequence - Specify the sequence for this component. The sequence determines the order of execution.

      2. Point - Select the point in the processing at which this branch action is considered. Options include:

        • After Submit (previously named Before Computation)

        • Validating (previously named Before Validation)

        • Processing (previously named Before Processing)

        • After Processing (previously named After Processing)

        • Before Header (previously named Before Header)

    3. Behavior, Type - Select a page branch type. To learn more, click the Help tab in the central pane.

      The attributes that display in the Property Editor depend on the branch type you select.

      If Type is Page or URL (Redirect), click Target and edit the attributes in the Link Builder Target dialog.

    4. Server-Side Condition:
      1. When Button Pressed - If you want this page processing component to execute only when the specified button is clicked, select a button from the list. You can incorporate this button condition with other conditions to further refine when this page processing component executes.

      2. Condition Type - Select a condition type from the list that must be met in order for this component to be rendered or processed. To learn more, click the Help tab in the central pane.

  5. Click Save.

14.2.2 About Branching Conditionally

Make a branch conditional by editing Server-side Condition attributes in Page Designer.

To make a branch conditional, view the branch attributes in the Property Editor. Under Server-side Condition, edit the appropriate attributes.