16.11.9 Managing Navigation Bar Lists

Applications using newer themes, such as Universal Theme - 42, include navigation bar lists. About Navigation Bars

A navigation bar list displays with a list template in the #NAVIGATION_BAR# position on your page template.

The example below shows the Sample Reporting Sample App with a navigation bar displaying in the upper right corner. Editing Navigation Bar Lists

Since a navigation bar is a list, you create and edit in the same way as any other list.

You can access navigation bars in Shared Components in the Navigation region in two ways:

  • Select the application and then click Shared Components.

  • Under Navigation, select one of the following:
    • Navigation Bar List

    • Lists

Once you select the navigation bar list, you edit it as you would any other list.

See Also:

Creating Lists Editing Navigation Bar Attributes

Change how navigation bar displays by editing Navigation Menu attributes on the User Interface page.

Selecting the Implementation Classic uses tabs instead of a list.

To edit the navigation bar attributes:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click the App Builder icon.
  2. Select the application.
    The Application home page appears.
  3. Access the User Interfaces page:
    1. Click Shared Components.
    2. Under User Interface, click User Interface Attributes.
    The User Interfaces page appears.
  4. Under Navigation Bar, edit the following attributes:
    • Implementation - Select how to you wish to implement the navigation bar in this application. Options include:
      • List renders the navigation bar as a list, using the selected list and list template in the #NAVIGATION_BAR# position on your page template.

      • Classic  renders the navigation bar as a classic navigation bar in the #NAVIGATION_BAR# position on your page template.

    • Navigation Bar List - Select the list utilized for the navigation bar on this application.
    • List Template - Select the List Template used to render the navigation menu for the application.
    • Template Options - Set Template Options for the List Template used for the navigation menu list for the application.
  5. Click Apply Changes to save your changes.
  6. Run the application again to view your changes.