13.1.2 Viewing Page Items

Configure page items to control how items display.

To view page attributes in Page Designer:

  1. View the page in Page Designer:
    1. On the Workspace home page, click the App Builder icon.
    2. Select an application.
    3. Select a page.
    Page Designer appears.
  2. In either the Rendering tab or the Layout tab, select the item to edit.
    The Property Editor changes to display the attributes. Attributes are organized in groups.


    To find a group or attribute, enter keywords in the Filter Properties field. The Property Editor displays the group or attributes. Or, you can click Go to Group and select the group.

  3. Edit the appropriate attributes in the Property Editor.


    To learn more about an attribute, select the attribute in the Property Editor and click the Help tab in the center pane.

  4. To save your changes click Save. To save and run the page, click Save and Run Page.