11.2 Data Types

The APEX_BACKGROUND_PROCESS package uses the following data types.

Record describing an execution running in the background

type t_execution is record (
    id                        NUMBER,
    state                     t_execution_state,
    current_exec_process_id   NUMBER,
    last_status_message       VARCHAR2(32767),
    sofar                     NUMBER,
    totalwork                 NUMBER );


Attribute Description
execution_id ID of the execution.
state State of the execution, see t_execution_state constants.
current_exec_process_id ID of the currently executing child process.
context_value Context value passed when the execution was submitted.
last_status_message Last status message set by the developer.
sofar Units of work already processed by the page process.
totalwork Total units of work to process by the page process.

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