41.10 DEBUG_REGION Procedure Signature 2

This procedure writes the data of the region meta data to the debug output if debugging is enabled. This is the advanced version of the debugging procedure which is used for the rendering function of a region plug-in.


    p_plugin              IN apex_plugin.t_plugin,
    p_region              IN apex_plugin.t_region,
    p_is_printer_friendly IN BOOLEAN);


Table 41-11 describes the parameters available in the DEBUG_REGION procedure.

Table 41-11 DEBUG_REGION Signature 2 Parameters

Parameter Description


This is the p_plugin parameter of your plug-in function


This is the p_region parameter of your plug-in function


This is the p_is_printer_friendly parameter of your plug-in function


This example shows how to collect helpful debug information during the plug-in development cycle to see what values are actually passed into the render function or Ajax callback function of the plug-in.

apex_plugin_util.debug_region (
    p_plugin              => p_plugin,
    p_region              => p_region,
    p_is_printer_friendly => p_is_printer_friendly);