51.6 SET_CURRENT_STYLE Procedure

This procedure sets current theme style for the current application.


    p_theme_number  IN NUMBER,
    p_id            IN VARCHAR2 );


Table 51-6 SET_CURRENT_STYLE Procedure

Parameter Description
p_theme_number The theme number for which to set the default style.
p_style_id The ID of the new default theme style.


The following example gets available theme styles from APEX Dictionary View for the DESKTOP user interface.

select s.theme_style_id, t.theme_number
  from apex_application_theme_styles s,
apex_application_themes t
          where s.application_id = t.application_id
            and s.theme_number = t.theme_number
            and s.application_id = :app_id
            and t.ui_type_name = 'DESKTOP'
            and s.is_current = 'Yes'

The following example sets the current theme style to one of values returned by the above query.

apex_theme.set_current_style (
     p_theme_number => {query.theme_number},
     p_id => {query.theme_style_id}