51.7 SET_SESSION_STYLE Procedure

This procedure sets the theme style dynamically for the current session. This is typically called after successful authentication.


    p_theme_number  IN NUMBER   DEFAULT {current theme number},
    p_name          IN VARCHAR2 ); 


Table 51-7 SET_SESSION_STYLE Procedure

Parameter Description
p_theme_number The theme number to set the session style for. Default is the current theme of the application.
p_name The name of the theme style to be used in the session.


The following example gets the current theme number from APEX Dictionary View for the DESKTOP user interface.

select t.theme_number
  from apex_application_themes t
 where t.application_id = :app_id
   and t.ui_type_name = 'DESKTOP'

The following example sets the session theme style for the current theme to Vita.

apex_theme.set_session_style (
     p_theme_number => {query.theme_number},
     p_name => 'Vita'