5.2 Using the Simple Create Application Wizard

Run simple Create Application Wizard to create an application with one click using pre-defined defaults and add pages to it manually.

The simple Create Application Wizard creates an application containing a Global Page, Home page, and Login page. Once your application is created, you can add component and feature pages manually using the Create Page Wizard.

To run the simple Create Application Wizard:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click the App Builder icon.
  2. Click Create.

    The wizard prompts you to select a method of creating your application.

  3. On the Create an Application page:
    1. Name - Enter the name used to identify the application to developers.
    2. Click Create Application.

      The Application home pages appears and contains three pages: Global Page, Home page, and Login page.


To add pages manually, run the Create Page Wizard. To learn more, see Managing Pages in an Application.