2 Oracle Application Express Installation Requirements

Before installing Oracle Application Express you must verify your configuration meets the minimum installation requirements.

2.1 Oracle Database Requirements

Oracle Application Express release 18.2 requires an Oracle Database release or later, including Enterprise Edition and Express Edition (Oracle Database XE).

If you are upgrading an Oracle Database version 12.1 CDB, you must download from My Oracle Support the one off patch for bug 20618595. Search for 20618595 on the Patches tab.

2.2 Checking the MEMORY_TARGET of the Target Database

Oracle Application Express requires the system global area (SGA) and program global area (PGA) to be at least 300 MB.

Databases typically use automatic memory management, where the memory can be controlled by the server parameter MEMORY_TARGET. If your database does not use automatic memory management, consult the Oracle Database Administrator's Guide to find out how to configure manual memory parameters (for example, SGA_TARGET, PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET, SHARED_POOL_SIZE) instead, for a similar result.

To check the MEMORY_TARGET of the target database:

  1. Start the database:
  2. If necessary, enter the following command to determine whether the system uses an initialization parameter file (initsid.ora) or a server parameter file (spfiledbname.ora):

    This command displays the name and location of the server parameter file or the initialization parameter file.

  3. Determine the current values of the MEMORY_TARGET parameter:
  4. If the value is 0, your database is using manual memory management. Consult the Oracle Database Administrator’s Guide to learn how to configure an equivalent memory size using manual memory management, instead of continuing with the steps that follow.

    If the system is using a server parameter file, set the value of the MEMORY_TARGET initialization parameter to at least 300 MB:

  5. If the system uses an initialization parameter file, change the value of the MEMORY_TARGET parameter to at least 300 MB in the initialization parameter file (initsid.ora).
  6. Shut down the database:
  7. Restart the database:

2.3 Browser Requirements

Oracle Application Express requires a JavaScript-enabled browser and supports the current and prior major release of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.


 Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is the prior major release, with Microsoft Edge being the current Microsoft browser.

2.4 Web Listener Requirements

In order to run Oracle Application Express you must have access to certain Web listener releases.

In order to run Oracle Application Express you must have access to one of the following:

  • Oracle REST Data Services release 3.0.12 or later

    Oracle REST Data Services Listener is a Java-based Web server. It features file system caching, offers improved file upload capability, and is certified with Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Glassfish Server, and Apache Tomcat.

  • Embedded PL/SQL gateway

    Oracle XML DB Protocol Server with the embedded PL/SQL gateway installs with Oracle Database 11g Release 1 (11.1). It provides the database with a Web server and the necessary infrastructure to create dynamic applications.

  • Oracle HTTP Server and mod_plsql

    Oracle HTTP Server uses the mod_plsql plug-in to communicate with the Oracle Application Express engine within the Oracle database.

2.5 Disk Space Requirement

Oracle Application Express disk space requirements are described in this section.

Oracle Application Express disk space requirements are as follows:

  • Free space for Oracle Application Express software files on the file system: 310 MB if using English only download (apex_18.2_en.zip) and 705 MB if using full download (apex_18.2.zip).

  • Free space in Oracle Application Express tablespace: 220 MB

  • Free space in SYSTEM tablespace: 100 MB

  • Free space in Oracle Application Express tablespace for each additional language (other than English) installed: 60 MB

2.6 Oracle XML DB Requirement

Oracle XML DB must be installed in the Oracle database that you want to use if you are installing a full development environment. Oracle XML DB is not required for runtime only installations. If you are using a preconfigured database created either during an installation or by Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA), Oracle XML DB is already installed and configured.


The installer does a prerequisite check for Oracle XML DB and will exit if it is not installed.


The installation of Oracle XML DB creates the user ANONYMOUS. In order for Oracle Application Express workspace provisioning to work properly, the ANONYMOUS user must not be dropped from the database.

See Also:

Oracle XML DB Developer’s Guide for more information about manually adding Oracle XML DB to an existing database