5.10 Viewing SQL Script Results

You use the Manage Script Results page to view and delete script results.

To view script results:

  1. On the Workspace home page, click SQL Workshop and then SQL Scripts.

    The SQL Scripts page appears.

  2. On the Tasks list, click Manage Results.

    The Manage Script Results page appears, listing available results for the script.

  3. Click the View Results icon in the far right column.

    The Results page appears.

    The Results page displays the script name and status (Complete, Canceled, Executing or Submitted), and lists the statements executed.

  4. On the Results page, select a View option and click Go:
    • Detail - Displays the Results in a report.

    • Summary - Displays a Summary page. From the Rows list, select the number of Rows to display. Select a column heading to sort the listed values by that column.

  5. Click Edit Script to load the script into the Script Editor.