6.9 Adding and Editing Data Content

Add content to Websheets that is queried from your Oracle Database (such as data grids and reports). Note: this function requires your application’s developer to enable the Allow SQL attribute.

6.9.1 About Available Data Sources

You can include other Oracle Application Express data sources in Websheets. Once defined, you can incorporate these data sources into Websheet page sections.

Websheets can include the following data sources:

Data Grids
Data grids are highly customizable, editable tabular reports. Data grids enable you to maintain data within the Websheet that is stored within the Oracle Database. See "Managing Data Grids."
Reports are queries defined against tables or views that exist within your Oracle Database. See "Adding Data Reports."

6.9.2 Enabling Support for Creating Data Reports

To define a data report, your Websheet developer must enable the Allow SQL attribute on the Application Properties page.

By default, this attribute is disabled.

To enable support for creating data reports:

  • Contact your developer.
    Only a Websheet application developer can edit the Allow SQL attribute on the Application Properties page.

See Also:

"Understanding Websheet Properties" in Oracle Application Express App Builder User’s Guide.

6.9.3 About Incorporating Data into Websheet Pages

Data grids and data reports can be incorporated into page sections in the following ways.

Within a Data Section
See "Adding Data Reports."
Within a Chart Section
See "Adding a Chart Section."
Linking to a Data Grid
See "Linking to a Data Grid."
Include a single value or tabular results of queries
See "Using SQL and SQLVALUE Syntax."