6.6 Adding and Editing Text Sections

You can create a Text section to add text to a Websheet page. You can type directly into a text section, or copy and paste content from a spreadsheet.

Copying and pasting from a spreadsheet creates a new section for each spreadsheet row.

6.6.1 Adding a Text Section

Add a Text section to a Websheet by clicking New Section in the Create menu.

To add a text section:

  1. Run the Websheet application.
  2. From the Create menu, select New Section.
  3. When prompted for the section type, select Text and click Next.
  4. On Create Text Sections select either:
    • Create single text section
    • Create multiple text section from Spreadsheet
  5. If you select Create single text section, specify the following:
    1. Sequence - Enter the section display sequence.
    2. Title - Enter a section title.
    3. Content - Enter text. To learn more about formatting text, see "Editing a Text Section."
    4. Click Create Section.
  6. If you select Create multiple text section from Spreadsheet, specify the following:
    1. First Row Contains Column Headings - Select this option if applicable.
    2. Paste Spreadsheet Data - Paste a two column spreadsheet or other tab delimited data. The first column must contain the section title and the second column must contain the section content.
    3. Click Create Section.


      You can also add a new section by selecting New Section on the Control Panel.

6.6.2 Editing a Text Section

Edit and format a text section in a Websheet by clicking its Edit icon.

To edit a text section:

  1. Run the Websheet application.
  2. Click the Edit icon that displays in the upper right of the section.

    The Edit Section page appears.

  3. Edit the text in the field provided.
  4. To change the formatting, click the Expand Toolbar icon in the upper right corner.
    The Toolbar appears. When you pass your cursor over an icon, a descriptive tooltip displays.
  5. To hide the toolbar, click the Collapse Toolbar icon.
  6. To save your changes, click Apply Changes.