26.2 Constants and Data Types

Parser Interface

The following are constants used for the parser interface:

subtype t_kind is binary_integer range 1 .. 8;
c_null     constant t_kind := 1;
c_true     constant t_kind := 2;
c_false    constant t_kind := 3;
c_number   constant t_kind := 4;
c_varchar2 constant t_kind := 5;
c_object   constant t_kind := 6;
c_array    constant t_kind := 7;
c_clob     constant t_kind := 8;

Storage for JSON Data

JSON data is stored in an index by varchar2 table. The JSON values are stored as records. The discriminator "kind" determines whether the value is null, true, false, a number, a varchar2, a clob, an object or an array. It depends on "kind" which record fields are used and how. If not explicitly mentioned below, the other record fields' values are undefined:

* c_null: -

* c_true: -

* c_false: -

* c_number: number_value contains the number value

* c_varchar2: varchar2_value contains the varchar2 value

* c_clob: clob_value contains the clob

* c_object: object_members contains the names of the object's members

* c_array: number_value contains the array length

type t_value is record (
   kind           t_kind,
   number_value   number,
   varchar2_value varchar2(32767),
   clob_value clob,
   object_members apex_t_varchar2 );
type t_values is table of t_value index by varchar2(32767);

Default Format for Dates

c_date_iso8601 constant varchar2(30) := 'yyyy-mm-dd"T"hh24:mi:ss"Z"';

Default JSON Values Table

g_values t_values;

Errors Thrown for PARSE()

e_parse_error     exception;
pragma exception_init(e_parse_error, -20987);