4.6.10 Grouping Columns

Group sets of results by one or more columns with Group By, then perform mathematical computations against the columns. Once you define the Group By, switch between the group by and report views using the View Icon on the Search bar. Creating a Group By

Use the Group By function in the Actions menu to reorganize an interactive grid.

To use Group By:

  1. Click the Actions menu and select Group By.
    The Group By dialog appears.
  2. In the Group by dialog:
    1. Select a column to display. To add additional columns, click Add Group By Column.
    2. Select the function, column, label, and format mask. To create a sum, click the Sum check box. To add another function, click Add Function.
    3. Click Apply.

A Group By icon appears to the left of the Actions menu. The resulting report displays the Project, Task Name, and Budget columns. Additionally, a new column, Total Cost, displays on the right side. Editing a Group By

Edit the properties of a grouping in the Goup By dialog.

To edit a group by:

  1. Click Edit Group By.
    The Group By dialog appears.
  2. Edit the attributes.
  3. To remove a previously defined Group by Column, select the default setting Select Group By Column.
  4. Click Apply. Selecting a Group By Sort Order

Specify group by column sort order (ascending or descending) by either clicking on the group by column heading or selecting Group By Sort on the Data submenu.

You can also specify how to handle NULL values. Using the default setting always displays NULL values last or always displays them first.

To sort a group by column:

  1. Access a Group By view.
  2. Click the Actions menu, select Data, and select Group By Sort.


    The Group By Sort menu is only visible when you are viewing Group By view.

    The Group By Sort dialog appears.
  3. Select a column, the sort direction (Ascending or Descending), and Null Sorting behavior (Default, Nulls Always Last, or Nulls Always First).
  4. Click Apply. Deleting a Group By

Delete a grouping in the Group By dialog.

To delete a group by:

  1. Click Edit Group By.

    The Group By dialog appears.

  2. Click Delete.


You can also click the Remove Group By icon to the right of the Edit Group By filter.