1 Changes in Release 21.1 for Oracle Application Express App Builder User’s Guide

All content in Oracle Application Express App Builder User’s Guide has been updated to reflect release 21.1 functionality and user interface changes.

New Features and Updates

The following are features and updates in Oracle Application Express release 21.1:

  • Application and Page Checksum

    View the application and page checksums to compare different application deployments and determine if the application or pages are different.

    See Viewing Page and Application Checksums.

  • Font APEX Icons

    Search for and view Font APEX icons on the Font APEX page. Font APEX is the icon library for Oracle Application Express and the Universal Theme.

    See Accessing Font APEX.

  • New Color Picker Item Type

    This release includes a new Color Picker that utalizes the Oracle JET Color Spectrum component and adds new configuration options. New functionality includes:

    • Different display modes: Popup, Inline, Color-only Popup, and Native Color Picker.

    • Color presets: custom or from the theme.

    • Optional contrast checking.

    • Various value return formats: Hex, rgb/rgba, hsl/hsla, or any CSS color value.

    See Available Item Types and search for Color Picker.

  • Native Map Region Type

    Create maps to visualize location data (real coordinates) on a map. Key features:

    • Point, Line, Polygon, Heat Map and Extruded Polygon (3D Polygon) layer types.

    • Background maps are from Oracle Maps Cloud. Ready to use, no API Key required.

    • Fully Interactive: Drag and Zoom, show details about objects on the map.

    • Oracle Spatial (SDO_GEOMETRY), GeoJSON and simple numeric columns.

    • Leverages Oracle Spatial (Indexes, Coordinate Transformations), if available.

    • Visualize data from local SQL queries, REST Enabled SQL or from REST Data Sources.

    See Creating Maps.

  • New Data Loading

    New data application data loading supports CSV, XLSX, XML, and JSON formats. Key features include:

    • Column mapping occurs at design time, removing the burden for end users.

    • Flexible column mappings based on simple names or regular expressions.

    • Data conversion with transformation rules or lookup queries.

    • Easy work flow for end users: upload the file, verify the preview, and load data.

    • CSV, XLSX, XML, and JSON data formats can be loaded to tables or collections.

    • Configure data loading to Append, Merge or Replace data, with or without Error Handling.

    • Simple new Process Type Data Loading: Customize Data Loading pages as you wish.

    See Creating Applications with Data Loading Capability

  • Runtime Developer Toolbar Options Theme Roller and Edit Logo

    The Runtime Developer toolbar which displays at the bottom on editable applications now includes a new Customize menu with two options: Theme Roller and Edit Logo.

    • As in past releases Theme Roller is a live CSS editor that enables you to quickly change the theme style, colors, and other application attributes. The Show Common, Show All, and Help buttons have been removed. The Set as Current button has been replaced with Save and Save As buttons. Clicking either button now automatically triggers Set as Current behavior. In addition, Theme Roller now includes integration with your Web browser’s developer console.

    • Edit Logo offers a quick way to add or change the logo users see at runtime.

    See Using Theme Roller and Edit Logo.

  • Updated Redwood Light Theme Style

    The new Redwood Light theme style replaces the previous version and is more inline with the Redwood Design System. In addition, Redwood Light features new CSS class options that are editable in Theme Roller.

    See About the Redwood Light Theme Style.

Deprecated and Desupported Features

The following features have been desupported so all related discussions have been removed from this publication:

  • Legacy Websheets

  • Legacy Charts (based on AnyChart HTML5 Chart Component, AnyChart Flash Chart Component, and AnyChart AnyMap Interactive Maps Component)

  • Legacy Map Charts

See Deprecated Features and Desupported Features in Oracle Application Express Release Notes.