4.1 Getting Started with Team Development

Access Team Development, complete the setup process, and learn about the Team Development toolbar.

4.1.1 Accessing Team Development

Access Team Development by clicking the Team Development menu, or by clicking the Team Development icon on the Workspace home page.

You can access Team Development in two ways:

See Also:

"Issues Page"

4.1.2 Setting Up Team Development

Complete the setup process by installing sample labels, sample templates, sample milestones, and selecting a default language.

When you access Team Development for the first time in a new workspace, a welcome screen appears. Oracle recommends you follow the on-screen instructions and completing the setup process.

To setup Team Development:

  1. Access Team Development.
    The Team Development Welcome page appears.
  2. For Install Sample Labels, Install Sample Templates, and Install Sample Milestones, select Yes.
  3. From Sample Data Language, select a language.
  4. Click Complete Setup.
    The Issues page appears.

4.1.3 Team Development Toolbar

Use the toolbar at the top of the most Team Development pages to link to notifications, jump to other pages, or create a new issue.

Team Development Toolbar

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The Team Development toolbar contains the following controls:

  • Notifications - Links the Notifications page where you can view or clear notifications for all issues which you own or are monitoring. See "Viewing Your Notifications."

  • Jump to... - Access other Team Development pages. Available links include:

    • Issues - Links to the Issues page. See "Issues Page."

    • View My Profile - Links to the User Profile page where you can view a report of all issues your own or are monitoring. See "Viewing Your Issues."

    • Manage Labels - Links to the Labels page. Use labels and label groups to classify issues. See "Managing Labels."

    • Manage Milestones - Links to the Milestones page. Create milestones to track events. See "Managing Milestones."

    • Manage Templates - Links to the Templates page. Templates provide starter text for issues and issue comments. See "Managing Templates."

    • Utilities - Links to the Team Development Utilities page. See "Using Team Development Utilities."