1 Changes in Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall Release 20

New features in Oracle AVDF Release 20.9

  • Security Assessment: AVDF 20.9 introduces a centralized security assessment solution for enterprises by integrating the popular Database Security Assessment Tool (DBSAT) for Oracle Databases. The full-featured assessment with compliance mappings and recommendations will help organizations clearly understand their security posture for all their Oracle databases in one central place.
  • Before/After reporting for Microsoft SQL Server: The Before/After report for the Microsoft SQL server is a valuable addition to the already available before/after report for the Oracle database, helping organizations improve their compliance posture.
  • Upgraded Platform: The operating system for the Oracle Audit Vault Server and Database Firewall Server has been updated to Oracle Linux 8, delivering enhanced security and stability to the embedded platform.
  • Discover sensitive objects and privileged users: AVDF 20.9 now helps customers discover sensitive data and privileged users in the Oracle database. Customers can also create Database Firewall global sets with the discovered privileged users and sensitive objects, and use them to create database firewall policy in just three steps.
  • Agentless Audit Collection: Customers can now accelerate the deployment of AVDF with the agentless audit collection service for Oracle databases. With this feature, there's no need for agent installation or upgrades on target Oracle databases, making deployment quick and effortless. The agentless audit collection service helps small or remote deployments and proof of concepts where time and resources are limited.
  • Agent security hardening: When updating to Oracle AVDF 20.9 or later, tighten the agent user privileges after all the agents have been updated.
  • Administrator dashboard: The admin dashboard has been re-designed to provide administrators with more insights and details about the targets, agents, and database firewalls in Oracle AVDF. Administrators have the option to drill down into the charts and tables to view more detailed information as well.

New features in Oracle AVDF Release 20.8

New features in Oracle AVDF Release 20.7

New features in Oracle AVDF Release 20.6

New features in Oracle AVDF Release 20.5

New features in Oracle AVDF Release 20.4

  • Introducing capability to enable FIPS 140-2 for Audit Vault Server and Database Firewall. See Enabling FIPS 140-2 in Oracle AVDF for more information.
  • 2X audit collection rate. See Registering Targets for more information.
  • Support for audit collection and network monitoring (using Database Firewall) of Oracle Database 21.
  • Support for audit collection from Autonomous Data Warehouse (Dedicated) and Autonomous Transaction Processing (Dedicated).
  • Support for audit collection from MongoDB 4.4.
  • Enable conditional auditing for Unified Audit policies. See ENABLE UNIFIED AUDIT POLICY for more information.
  • Additional user management capability through AVCLI. See AVCLI User Commands for more information.

  • Introducing Oracle GoldenGate Extract Cleanup utility to simplify maintenance.

New features in Oracle AVDF Release 20.3

New features in Oracle AVDF Release 20.2

New features in Oracle AVDF Release 20.1