3.1 Create Projects

A project is a container for your notebooks, and a workspace is a container for your projects. While you may own many projects, other workspaces and projects may be shared with you.

The initial workspace and the default project is created by the Oracle Machine Learning service automatically when you log in to Oracle Machine Learning for the first time. To create a new project:
  1. On the top right corner of Oracle Machine Learning home page, click the project drop-down list. The project name and the workspace, in which the project resides, are displayed here. In this screenshot, the project name is OMLUSER, and the workspace name is also OMLUSER. If a default project exists, then the default project name is displayed here.


    The last project that you have worked on is stored in the browser cache and is the default project. If you clear the cache, then no default exists and you must select a project.
    You can create projects in two ways:
    • Use the New Project option: Click the down arrow next to the Project field and then click New Project. The Create Project dialog opens. Project drop-down menu
    • Use the Create option on the Workspaces page: Click the down arrow next to the Project field and click Manage Workspace. On the Manage Workspace page, under the Projects in Workspace section, click Create. The Create Project dialog opens. Create project option on the Workspace page
  2. In the Create Project dialog, enter the following:

    Figure 3-1 Create Project dialog

    Create Project Dialog
    1. Name: Enter a name for your project.
    2. Comments: Enter comments, if any.
    3. Workspace: The default workspace is selected. This is a non-editable field. To select a different workspace or to create a new workspace, go to Manage Workspace.
  3. Click OK.
The project Project A is created and is assigned to the default workspace. In this example, the default workspace is OMLUSER.