Changes in Oracle Machine Learning for R Installation and Administration Guide

Changes for OML4R Release 1.5.1.

Oracle has rebranded the suite of products and components that support machine learning with Oracle Database and Big Data. This technology is now known as Oracle Machine Learning (OML).

The OML application programming interface for R, previously under the name Oracle R Enterprise, is now named Oracle Machine Learning for R (OML4R). The package, class, and function names are not rebranded. They remain ORE, OREbase, ore.frame, ore.connect, and so on.

Changes in this Guide for Release 1.5.1

Installation changes for Oracle Machine Learning for R Release 1.5.1.

For information about other new features in OML4R Release 1.5.1, see Changes in This Release for Oracle Machine Learning for R in Oracle Machine Learning for R User’s Guide.

Installation Script for OML4R Server

Beginning with Oracle Database 18c, the OML4R Server installation script, rqcfg.sql, is part of the database. For more information, see Install Oracle Machine Learning for R Server for Oracle Database 18c and Later.

Data Manipulation Package

The package OREdplyr contains OML4R functions for data manipulation such as filtering for rows, selecting specific columns, re-ordering rows, adding new columns, and summarizing data.

Updated Supporting Packages

Updated supporting packages are DBI and ROracle.

The OML4R supporting packages are:

arules 1.1-9
Cairo 1.5-8
DBI 0.5
png 0.1-7
randomForest 4.6-10
ROracle 1.3-1
statmod 1.4-21

See Also:

Install Oracle Machine Learning for R Client for details about the supporting packages

R-3.3.0 or R-3.6.1 Requirement

OML4R 1.5.1 requires R-3.3.0 or R-3.6.1. As with earlier releases of OML4R, Oracle recommends that you use Oracle R Distribution.


R-3.6.1 has an OML4R 1.5.1 binary built under R-3.6.1 and is not compatible with the OML4R 1.5.1 built under R-3.3.0.

Oracle R Distribution Installation

Beginning with Oracle R Distribution 3.3.0, you can install the Linux RPMs in a directory other than the default Linux R_HOME.

New RPM for Oracle R Distribution

This release has a new RPM R-core-extra-3.3.0-1.el6.x86_64.rpm.

R has always depended on several third party libraries, specifically, zlib, bzip2, xz, pcre, and curl. Prior to R-3.3.0, R depended on older versions of these libraries, but, if they were not found on the system, bundled copies were included that were built on the fly.

R-3.3.0 depends on newer versions of these libraries and no longer contains the bundled copies. This means that R-3.3.0 won't build against Linux 6 as is, because the native versions of these libraries are older than those that R-3.3.0 requires.

The R-core-extra RPM contains the required versions of these libraries and is provided as a convenience for users of Oracle Linux 6. Adding the location of the libraries in R-core-extra to LD_LIBRARY_PATH removes the need to built these libraries separately. Oracle Linux 7 introduces the required versions of these libraries, but the R-core-extra RPM is provided as a convenience if needed.

See Also:

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