Migrate Oracle Machine Learning for R Data

OML4R Server includes migration scripts that you can run to migrate the RQSYS schema and OML4R user data from a source database to a target database

The source and target must have the same version of the Oracle Database and of OML4R Server.

To locate the scripts, navigate to the server directory and change to the migration subdirectory.


The migration subdirectory contains a README and the following subdirectories:

  • exp — contains the script ore_srcexport.pl for exporting the RQSYS schema and all OML4R user data to a dump file.

  • imp — contains the script ore_destimport.pl for importing the RQSYS schema and all OML4R user data from the dump file created by ore_screxport.pl.

  • oreuser — contains scripts for exporting and importing data for a specific OML4R user.

Instructions for running the migration scripts are provided in the README.