This guide explains how to use the programmatic interfaces to Oracle Machine Learning for SQL (OML4SQL), previously known as Oracle Data Mining. This guide also describes how to use features of Oracle Database to administer OML4SQL, and presents the tools and procedures for implementing the concepts that are presented in Oracle Machine Learning for SQL Concepts .

This preface contains these topics:

Technology Rebrand

Oracle is rebranding the suite of products and components that support machine learning with Oracle Database and Big Data. This technology is now known as Oracle Machine Learning (OML).

The OML application programming interfaces (APIs) for SQL include PL/SQL packages, SQL functions, and data dictionary views. Using these APIs is described in publications, previously under the name Oracle Data Mining, that are now named Oracle Machine Learning for SQL (OML4SQL).


This guide is intended for application developers and database administrators who are familiar with SQL programming and Oracle Database administration and who have a basic understanding of machine learning concepts.

Related Documentation

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Oracle Machine Learning for SQL Resources on the Oracle Technology Network

The Oracle Machine Learning for SQL page on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) provides a wealth of information, including white papers, demonstrations, blogs, discussion forums, and Oracle By Example tutorials.

You can download Oracle Data Miner, the graphical user interface to Oracle Machine Learning for SQL, from this site:

Oracle Data Miner

Application Development and Database Administration Documentation

For documentation to assist you in developing database applications and in administering Oracle Database, refer to the following:


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