Changes in This Release for Oracle Database Workspace Manager Developer's Guide

This preface contains:


Changes in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2)

The following are changes in Oracle Database Workspace Manager Developer's Guide for Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.2).


New Features (12.2)

The following features are new in this release:


New DBMS_WM Subprograms (12.2)

The following are new DBMS_WM subprograms. They are documented in DBMS_WM Package: Reference.

Changes to Existing DBMS_WM Subprograms (12.2)

Changes to existing DBMS_WM subprograms include the following:

  • Export: The staging table now includes a wm$deletedrow column when the versioned_db parameter is set to true, which can be used to determine if the row was in a deleted form in the source database.

  • RemoveWorkspace: defer_option is a new parameter.

  • RemoveWorkspaceTree: defer_option is a new parameter.

Other Enhancements (12.2)

Other enhancements to Workspace Manager include the following.

DDL enhancements: You can now do the following within a DDL session (see DDL Operations Related to Version-Enabled Tables):

  • Add invisible indexes.

  • Add reverse indexes.

  • Use the compress and prefix_length parameter options on an index.

Enable-versioning enhancements: Virtual columns and identity columns are supported on version-enabled tables.

Referential integrity constraint enhancements: You can add, drop, enable, or disable a referential integrity constraint that involves two tables regardless of whether (A) both tables are version-enabled, or (B) one table is version-enabled and the other table is not. Previously, both tables needed to be version-enabled. For more information, see Referential Integrity Support.

Locking enhancements: The new D (disregard) lockmode can be used to create a test (“sandbox”) workspace that allows the modification of any rows, even rows that are locked by other workspaces, with the restriction that the workspace cannot be merged or refreshed.

Workspace Manager Static Data Dictionary Views (12.2)

The following are new Workspace Manager static data dictionary views and changes to existing views. The views are documented in Workspace Manager Static Data Dictionary Views.

  • For every DBA_xxx view, a CDB_xxx view is defined.

  • The FREEZE_MODE column is now of type VARCHAR2(16) in the xxx_WORKSPACES views.

  • The PRIVILEGE column is now of type VARCHAR2(23) in the xxx_WORKSPACE_PRIVS, xxx_WM_PRIVS, and DBA_WM_SYS_PRIVS views.

System Parameter-Related Changes (12.2)

CREATEWORKSPACE_SHARED_LOCK is a new system parameter that changes the type of lock taken on the parent workspace when executing the CreateWorkspace procedure.

DEFAULT_WORKSPACE is a new system parameter that allows a new default workspace to be defined, instead of LIVE.

REMOVEWORKSPACE_DEFERRED is a new system parameter that allows the physical removal of rows to be delayed during RemoveWorkspace and RemoveWorkspaceTree operations, as well as MergeWorkspace when the remove_workspace parameter set to true.

Privilege-Related Changes (12.2)

GRANTPRIV_WORKSPACE is a new workspace level privilege that allows the user to grant other users privileges on a specific workspace.

GRANTPRIV_ANY_WORKSPACE is a new system privilege that allows the user to grant other users privileges on any workspace.

WM_ADMIN is a new privilege that provides a user with all Workspace Manager-related privileges.

These privileges are included in Privilege Management with Workspace Manager.

Desupported: Advanced Replication Support in Workspace Manager (12.2)

Advanced Replication is desupported effective with Oracle Database Release 12.2, as explained in Oracle Database Upgrade Guide. As a result, the Workspace Manager guide no longer contains the following topics:

  • DBMS_WM subprograms dropReplicationSupport, generateReplicationSupport, relocateWriterSite, and synchronizeSite

  • The previous appendix “Using Replication with Workspace Manager”