C XDK for Java XSU Error Messages

Error messages are listed for applications that use Oracle XML Developer's Kit (XDK) for Java during the execution of the XML SQL Utility (XSU) interfaces.

See Also:

Error Conditions for the XQuery error messages


C.1 Generic Error Messages

Generic error messages are in the range XSUE-0000 through XSUE-0099.

XSUE-0000: Internal Error -- Exception Caught string

XSUE-0001: Internal Error -- string

XSUE-0002: string is not a scalar column. The row id attribute can only get values from scalar columns.

XSUE-0003: string is not a valid column name.

XSUE-0004: This object has been closed. If you would like the object not to be closed implicitly between calls, see the string method.

XSUE-0005: The row-set enclosing tag and the row enclosing tag are both omitted; consequently, the result can consist of at most one row which contains exactly one column which is not marked to be an XML attribute.

XSUE-0006: The row enclosing tag or the row-set enclosing tag is ommitted; consequently to get a well formed XML document, the result can only consist of a single row with multiple columns or multiple rows with exactly one column which is not marked to be an XML attribute.

XSUE-0007: Parsing of the sqlname failed -- invalid arguments.

XSUE-0008: Character string is not allowed in an XML tag name.

XSUE-0009: this method is not supported by string class. Please use string instead.

XSUE-0010: The number of bind names does not equal the number of bind values.

XSUE-0011: The number of bind values does not match the number of binds in the SQL statement.

XSUE-0012: Bind name identifier string does not exist in the sql query.

XSUE-0013: The bind identifier has to be of non-zero length.

XSUE-0014: Root node supplied is null.

XSUE-0015: Invalid LOB locator specified.

XSUE-0016: File string does not exit.

XSUE-0017: Can not create oracle.sql.STRUCT object of a type other than oracle.sql.STRUCT (i.e. ADT).

XSUE-0018: Null is not a valid DocumentHandler.

XSUE-0019: Null and empty string are not valid namespace aliases.

XSUE-0020: to use this method you will have to override it in your subclass.

XSUE-0021: You are using an old version of the gss library; thus, sql-xml name escaping is not supported.

XSUE-0022: cannot create XMLType object from opaque base type: string

C.2 Query Error Messages

Query error messages are in the range XSUE-0100 through XSUE-0199.

XSUE-0100: Invalid context handle specified.

XSUE-0101: In the FIRST row of the resultset there is a nested cursor whose parent cursor is empty; when this condition occurs we are unable to generate a dtd.

XSUE-0102: string is not a valid IANA encoding.

XSUE-0103: The resultset is a "TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY" (non-scrollable); consequently, xsu can not reposition the read point. Furthermore, since the result set has been passed to the xsu by the caller, the xsu can not recreate the resultset.

XSUE-0104: input character is invalid for well-formed XML: string

C.3 DML Error Messages

Data manipulation language (DML) error messages are in the range XSUE-0200 through XSUE-0299.

XSUE-0200: The XML element tag string does not match the name of any of the columns/attributes of the target database object.

XSUE-0201: NULL is an invalid column name.

XSUE-0202: Column string, specified to be a key column, does not not exits in table string.

XSUE-0203: Column string, specified as column to be updated, does not exist in the table string.

XSUE-0204: Invalid REF element - string - attribute string missing.

XSUE-0206: Must specify key values before calling update routine. Use the string function.

XSUE-0207: UpdateXML: No columns to update. The XML document must contain some non-key columns to update.

XSUE-0208: The key column array must be non empty.

XSUE-0209: The key column array must be non empty.

XSUE-0210: No rows to modify -- the row enclosing tag missing. Specify the correct row enclosing tag.

XSUE-0211: string encountered during processing ROW element string in the XML document.

XSUE-0212: string XML rows were successfully processed.

XSUE-0213: All prior XML row changes were rolled back.