Determining Root Script Execution Plan

During Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation, the installer requires you to run scripts with superuser (or root) privileges to complete a number of system configuration tasks.

You can continue to run scripts manually as root, or you can delegate to the installer the privilege to run configuration steps as root, using one of the following options:

  • Use the root password: Provide the password to the installer as you are providing other configuration information. The password is used during installation, and not stored. The root user password must be identical on each cluster member node.

    To enable root command delegation, provide the root password to the installer when prompted.

  • Use Sudo: Sudo is a UNIX and Linux utility that allows members of the sudoers list privileges to run individual commands as root.

    To enable Sudo, have a system administrator with the appropriate privileges configure a user that is a member of the sudoers list, and provide the user name and password when prompted during installation.