13.21 NotifyResult Class

A NotifyResult object holds the notification information in the Streams AQ notification callback. It is created by OCCI before invoking a user-callback, and is destroyed after the user-callback returns.

Table 13-29 Summary of NotifyResult Methods

Method Summary


Returns the name of the notification consumer.


Returns the message.


Returns the message ID.


Returns the payload.


Returns the name of the queue.

13.21.1 getConsumerName()

Gets the name of the consumer for which the message has been enqueued. In a single consumer queue, this is a empty string.

string getConsumerName() const;

13.21.2 getMessage()

Gets the message which has been enqueued into the non-persistent queue.

Message getMessage() const;

13.21.3 getMessageId()

Gets the id of the message which has been enqueued.

Bytes getMessageId() const;

13.21.4 getPayload()

Gets the payload in case of a notification from NS_ANONYMOUS namespace.

Bytes getPayload() const;

13.21.5 getQueueName()

Gets the name of the queue on which the enqueue has happened

string getQueueName() const;