Installing Oracle Database with Oracle Applications

The following are the frequently asked questions about installing Oracle Database with Oracle applications:

How do I install my Oracle applications with Oracle Database?

In most cases, install Oracle Database itself, then install the Oracle application. The Oracle Universal Installer for that application prompts you for the connection information. Check the application documentation requirements.

If you must implement your applications with Oracle Real Applications Clusters databases, see Oracle Real Application Clusters Installation Guide and Oracle Grid Infrastructure Installation Guide for your platform.

How can I create web applications that communicate with Oracle Database?

Install Oracle Application Express and a web server. Use Oracle Universal Installer to install Oracle Database. Oracle Application Express is automatically installed, when you install Oracle database.

Which web server can my Oracle applications use?

Install Oracle HTTP Server, which ships on a separate media, or use the XML DB HTTP Protocol Server and the embedded PL/SQL Gateway that installs with Oracle Database 12c.

How can I migrate my non-Oracle applications to Oracle?

Use Oracle SQL Developer to migrate your non-Oracle applications to Oracle. Oracle SQL Developer software and documentation is available on Oracle Help Center at: