Planning Your Installation

The Oracle Database installation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Read the release notes: Read the Oracle Database release notes before you begin the installation. The release notes are available with the platform-specific documentation. The latest version of the release notes is available on Oracle Technology Network at
  2. Review the licensing information: Although the installation media in your media pack contain many Oracle components, you are permitted to use only those components for which you have purchased licenses.

    Oracle Support Services does not provide support for components for which licenses have not been purchased.

  3. Plan the installation: This overview chapter describes the Oracle products that you can install and issues that you must consider before starting the installation.

    Oracle Database Client is installed separately. You cannot install Oracle Database Client during an Oracle Database installation.

  4. Complete preinstallation tasks: Oracle Database Preinstallation Tasks describes tasks that you must complete before installing Oracle Database. Additionally, see Installing and Configuring Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Serverfor Oracle Restart preinstallation tasks.
  5. Install the software: Use the following sections to install Oracle Database:
  6. Complete postinstallation tasks: Oracle Database Postinstallation Tasks describes postinstallation tasks.
  7. Get started using Oracle Database: Use the following sections to get started using Oracle Database:
  8. Remove Oracle Database software: Removing Oracle Database Software describes how to remove Oracle Database software.