7 Oracle Database Postinstallation Tasks

Complete configuration tasks after you install Oracle Database.

Oracle recommends that you complete additional tasks immediately after installation. You must also complete product-specific configuration tasks before you use those products.

Downloading and Installing the ORAchk Health Check Tool

Download and install the ORAchk utility to perform proactive heath checks for the Oracle software stack.

ORAchk replaces the RACCheck utility. ORAchk extends health check coverage to the entire Oracle software stack, and identifies and addresses top issues reported by Oracle users. ORAchk proactively scans for known problems with Oracle products and deployments, including the following:

  • Standalone Oracle Database

  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure

  • Oracle Real Application Clusters

  • Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Validation

  • Upgrade Readiness Validations

  • Oracle Golden Gate

Oracle is continuing to expand checks, based on customer requests.

ORAchk is supported on Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016 on a Cygwin environment only.

Oracle recommends that you download and run the latest version of ORAchk from My Oracle Support. For information about downloading, configuring and running ORAchk utility, refer to My Oracle Support note 1268927.2: