Requirements for an Oracle Restart Installation

Before you install Oracle Restart, ensure that your system meets the following requirements:

System Requirements

Oracle Restart has similar system requirements as Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster, such as requiring 64-bit Windows server operating system.

Components included with Oracle Grid Infrastructure, such as Oracle ASM, have the same system requirements as Oracle Grid Infrastructure.

Memory Requirements

At least 1 GB of RAM for Oracle Restart installations, including installations where you plan to install Oracle Database.

Disk Space Requirements

The disk space requirements for installing Oracle Restart are:

  • At least 7 GB of disk space

  • The amount of disk space available in the %TEMP% directory is equivalent to the total amount of free disk space, minus what is required to install Oracle Restart

If the free disk space is less than 1 GB in the %TEMP% directory, then:

  • Delete unnecessary files from the %TEMP% directory to meet the disk space requirement.

  • Set TEMP environment variable. Go to System Properties, then Environment Variables, "TEMP=C:\Temp\."