Troubleshooting Host Name Changes and CSS

If you change the host name for Oracle Automatic Storage Management, then the Oracle CSS service does not start.

In order to solve this problem, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in as a user with Administrator privileges.
  2. Run roothas.bat to deconfigure CSS.
    C:\> cd \app\oracle\product\12.2.0\grid\crs\install
    perl roothas.bat -deconfig -force


    Starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (, the roothas.bat script replaces the script in the Oracle Grid Infrastructure home.

    This removes any configuration related files on the system that referenced the old host name.

  3. Run gridconfig.bat script to reconfigure CSS using the new host name:
    C:\> cd \app\oracle\product\12.2.0\grid\crs\config
  4. Go to the grid home's bin directory. Use the srvctl add database command with the -c SINGLE flag to add the database in an Oracle Restart configuration. Also use the srvctl add command to add the listener, the Oracle ASM instance, all Oracle ASM disk groups, and any database services to the Oracle Restart configuration.