Troubleshooting Configuration Assistants

To troubleshoot an installation error that occurs when a configuration assistant is running:

  • Review the installation log files.

  • Review the specific configuration assistant log file located in the ORACLE_BASE\cfgtoollogs directory. Try to fix the issue that caused the error.


    Ensure that there is no space in the path.

  • If you see the "Fatal Error. Reinstall message", look for the cause of the problem by reviewing the log files.

Configuration Assistant Failures

Oracle Configuration Assistant failures are noted at the bottom of the installation window.

The configuration assistant interface displays additional information, if available. The configuration assistant execution status is stored in the installActionsdate_time.log file.

The execution status codes are listed in the following table:

Status Result Code

Configuration assistant succeeded


Configuration assistant failed


Configuration assistant canceled


Irrecoverable Errors

Use this procedure if you receive an irrecoverable error while a configuration assistant is running.

If you receive an irrecoverable error:

  1. Remove the failed installation.

  2. Correct the cause of the irrecoverable error.

  3. Reinstall the Oracle software.