Windows Certification and Web Browser Support

Review the Windows Certification and Web Browser Support information.

Remote Desktop Services

Oracle supports installing, configuring, and running Oracle Database through Remote Desktop Services, formerly known as Terminal Services, on Windows.

To install Oracle Database, Oracle recommends that you start all configuration tools from the Terminal Server console session of the server (using mstsc/console).

Platform-specific support information is as follows:

  • Windows client operating systems: The Remote Desktop is only available in Single User Mode.

  • Windows server operating systems: You can have multiple Remote Desktop sessions.

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Installation Requirements for Web Browsers

You require Web browsers to use Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express and Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.

Web browsers must support Java Script, and the HTML 4.0 and CSS 1.0 standards. For a list of browsers that meet these requirements, see the Oracle Enterprise Manager certification matrix on My Oracle Support:

Default Share Configuration Requirement

The prerequisite checks during Oracle Database installation require that the system drive on your computer has default share configured on it.

Use the net use command to verify, for example:

C:\> net use \\hostname\c$
The command completed successfully

Ensure that the current user, the user in the Administrator group, has all the privileges on the default share.