Oracle Universal Installer Known Bugs

These are known bugs for Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (12.2). It is also recommended that you review Compatibility, Upgrading, Downgrading, and Installation for other issues related to installation and upgrades.

Bug 25946538

Starting with Oracle Database 12c Release 2 (, the Select Product Languages screen has been removed and Oracle Universal Installer will install all supported language files irrespective of the operating system locale.



Bug 23006768

When installing an Oracle RAC database on an Oracle Member Cluster for Database that is configured to use an Oracle ASM service of an Oracle Domain Services Cluster (DSC) and, if the network selected for ASM or ASM & Private usage is not of the same type as the ASM network of the DSC, then the database instance terminates with the following error:

IOS hit ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kfias_creg!net]


During the installation of the Oracle Member Cluster for Database, choose the network interface for ASM or ASM & Private so that it is on the same network as the Oracle ASM network of the DSC.

Bug 18336219

Oracle Database installer does not check if the password specified for ASMSNMP on the Specify Management Options screen is correct or not. If you proceed with the configuration and specify an incorrect password, then Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control cannot discover details and monitor the Oracle ASM instance.

Workaround #1:

Ensure that the correct password (the same password that was specified earlier during the Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster installation) is specified in Specify Management Options screen of Oracle Database installer.

Workaround #2:

On the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control portal, navigate to the Oracle ASM credentials screen and update the correct password for ASMSNMP. Once the correct password is saved on Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control, the Oracle ASM monitoring starts working.

Bug 8666656

The Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) runInstaller script that resides in the Oracle home (ORACLE_HOME/oui/bin/runInstaller) cannot be used to install the Oracle Database 12c releases, Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster, and Oracle Database Client.


Refer to the Installation Guide of the respective product for instructions on how to install the product.