DB_CACHE_SIZE specifies the size of the DEFAULT buffer pool for buffers with the primary block size (the block size defined by the DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter).

Property Description

Parameter type

Big integer


DB_CACHE_SIZE = integer [K | M | G]

Default value

If SGA_TARGET is set: If the parameter is not specified, then the default is 0 (internally determined by the Oracle Database). If the parameter is specified, then the user-specified value indicates a minimum value for the memory pool.

If SGA_TARGET is not set, then the default is either 48 MB or 4 MB * number of CPUs, whichever is greater



Modifiable in a PDB




The value must be at least 4M * number of cpus (smaller values are automatically rounded up to this value). A user-specified value larger than this is rounded up to the nearest granule size. A value of zero is illegal because it is needed for the DEFAULT memory pool of the primary block size, which is the block size for the SYSTEM tablespace.


This parameter is optional for pluggable databases (PDBs). When this parameter is set for a PDB, it specifies the guaranteed buffer cache size for the PDB.

To be able to use Resource Manager in a CDB to control the amount of memory each PDB can use:

  • The NONCDB_COMPATIBLE initialization parameter must be set to FALSE at the CDB level (in the root of the CDB).

  • The MEMORY_TARGET initialization parameter must not be set at the CDB level.

  • If the SGA_TARGET initialization parameter is not set, but the DB_CACHE_SIZE initialization parameter is set at the CDB level, then the following requirements must be met:

    • The value of DB_CACHE_SIZE set in a PDB must be less than or equal to 50% of the DB_CACHE_SIZE value at the CDB level.

    • The sum of the DB_CACHE_SIZE values across all the PDBs in the CDB must be less than or equal to 50% of the DB_CACHE_SIZE value at the CDB level.

    When you set DB_CACHE_SIZE in a PDB to a value that does not meet these requirements, you receive an error. If these requirements are violated after the PDB’s parameter is set (for example, if the DB_CACHE_SIZE value is changed at the CDB level, Oracle will adjust the PDB’s value to meet these requirements.

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