Part IV Other Utilities

ADRCI: ADR Command Interpreter

Describes the Automatic Diagnostic Repository Command Interpreter (ADRCI), a command-line tool used to manage Oracle Database diagnostic data.

DBVERIFY: Offline Database Verification Utility

Describes how to use the offline database verification utility, DBVERIFY.


Describes how to use the DBNEWID utility to change the name or ID, or both, for a database.

Using LogMiner to Analyze Redo Log Files

Describes the Oracle LogMiner utility, which enables you to query redo logs through a SQL interface.

Using the Metadata APIs

Describes the Metadata API, which you can use to extract and manipulate complete representations of the metadata for database objects.

Original Export

Describes how to use the original Export utility to write data from an Oracle database into dump files for use by the original Import utility.

Original Import

Describes how to use the original Import utility to import dump files created by the original Export utility.