3 Overview of the HR Web Application

The HR Web Application is intended to give you access to information related to all employees of AnyCo Corporation.

The two types of users that will be able to access this application are:
  • HRStaff

  • HRAdmin

The HRStaff and HRAdmin accounts have different privileges.

HRStaff has read only access to the application and does not have privileges to update/delete an employee record. HRStaff can only List the employees and Search by Employee ID.

The HRAdmin, has complete control on the application and has read and write privileges. HRAdmin is the only user who has access to all functionalities of the application such as update/delete an employee record, or provide salary increment for all employees.

This Chapter has the following sections:

3.1 Functionalities of the HR Web Application

Following is a list of functionalities to access information related to AnyCo Corporation:

  • List All Employees

    Use the List All Employees option to retrieve employee information. This function lists information such as Employee_ID, First_Name, Last_Name, Email, Phone_Number, Job_Id, and Salary.

  • Search By Employee ID

    Use theprimary key (which is the Employee ID) to search for a particular employee.

  • Update Employee Record

    You can update employee records, using the Update Employee Record function. First, search for employees, based on the name of the employee. You can then update employee details in the record, such as first_name, last_name, email, phone_number, job_id and salary using the UPDATE function.

    Use the DELETE function to the delete the entire employee record from the database.

  • Increment Salary

    Through the increment salary tab, you can alter (increase or decrease) the percentage of salary for hike.

  • About

    This page provides an overview of the HR Application and explains the various functionalities it offers.

3.2 Components and Repositories

The following table lists and describes all the components required for the application.

See Also:

You can download the web application from the following github link:


Package Name Desciption
src Contains source files
target Contains class files
src/main/java/com/oracle/jdbc/samples -
/bean/JdbcBean.java Defines the employee details as attributes
/bean/JdbcBeanImpl.java Implementation class of the EmployeeBean
src/main/java/com/oracle/jdbc/samples -
entity/Employee.java Consists of all employee attributes and their defined datatypes
/web/WebController.java Servlet that controls the application flow
/web/GetRole.java Creates HRStaff and HRAdmin roles for the application
SalaryHikeSP.java Java class to be invoked from Java in the database to process an increment in salary
SalaryHikeSP.sql SQL file with a procedure to increase the salary of the employees based on their salary range
src/main/webapp -
about.html Contains the details about the HR Web application
login.html Contains the login page for the HR Web application
login-failed.html Page to show when the login is unsuccessful
index.html Landing page of the HR Web application
listAll.html HTML page to display all employee records
listByName.html HTML page to display the result when employees are searched by name
listById.html HTML page to display the result when employees are searched by employee id
incrementSalary.html HTML page to display the result after an increment is made to the salary
src/main/webapp -
css/app.cs Contains all style and font details used in the HR Web application
src/main/webapp -
WEB-INF/web.xml Controller for the HR Web application