Required Environment Variable Checks After Oracle Grid Infrastructure Upgrades

Review these topics to understand environment variable changes for Oracle Database and Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c.

After upgrading, confirm that your environment variable settings are correct. Oracle ASM is included as part of an Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation. If you upgrade Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM for a cluster, then Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM are both located in the same home, which is referred to as the Grid home.

User Environment Variables for Grid Infrastructure Installations

If your operating system is Linux or UNIX, then confirm that your user environment variable settings are correct after performing an upgrade.

You can have one installation owner that owns all Oracle software installations, or you can use role-allocated owners. A role-allocated deployment uses a separate software owner for the Grid Infrastructure installation, and separate software owners for one or more Oracle Database installations, so that operating system authenticated system privileges for each individual administration role are limited to a specific area of administration.

If you use a single Oracle installation owner for all installations, then be aware that you should change user environment variables such as ORACLE_HOME either to an Oracle Database home, or to the Grid home, depending on the user account you are using is for administering an Oracle Database instance as part of database administration, or administering an Oracle ASM instance as part of storage administration.

If you use role-allocated Oracle installation owners, so that you have a separate owner for the Oracle Grid Infrastructure (Oracle Clusterware and Oracle ASM) software, then set the following environment variables for the Grid Infrastructure installation owner so that they point to the directories of the Oracle ASM home in the Grid home:


  • PATH

Also, check that your oratab file and any client scripts for Oracle ASM that set the value of ORACLE_HOME point to the Oracle ASM home in the Grid home.


If you are upgrading a clustered Oracle ASM installation to an Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a cluster installation, then perform these checks on all cluster member nodes. DBUA automatically points oratab to the new Oracle home. Client scripts must be checked no matter how you upgrade.