Running the deinstall Command From an Oracle Home

You can run the deinstall command from an Oracle home.

  1. The default method for running the deinstall command is from the deinstall directory in the Oracle home as the Oracle Installation user:
    C:\> %ORACLE_HOME%\deinstall\deinstall.bat
  2. Provide information about your servers as prompted or accept the defaults.
The deinstall command stops Oracle software, and removes Oracle software and configuration files on the operating system.

Example 12-1 Running deinstall.bat From Within the Oracle Home

The most common method of running the deinstall command is to use the version installed in the Oracle home being removed. The deinstall command determines the software configuration for the local Oracle home, and then provides default values at each prompt. You can either accept the default value, or override it with a different value. If the software in the Oracle home is not running (for example, after an unsuccessful installation), then the deinstall command cannot determine the configuration, and you must provide all the configuration details either interactively or in a response file. To use the deinstall command located in the Oracle home directory, issue the following command, where C:\app\18.0.0\grid is the location of Grid home:

Use the following command while logged in as a member of the Administrators group to remove the Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation from your cluster:

C:\> C:\app\18.0.0\grid\deinstall\deinstall.bat

Provide additional information as prompted.


When using the deinstall command from a location other than within the Oracle home being removed, you must specify the -home option on the command line.