Running the deinstall command with a Response File

When running the deinstall command, you can use a response file instead of responding to each prompt individually.

The deinstall command uses the information you provide, plus information gathered from the software home to create a response file. You can alternatively supply a response file generated previously by the deinstall.bat command using the –checkonly option and -o option. You can also edit a response file template located at Oracle_Home\deinstall\response\deinstall.rsp.tmpl to create a response file.

  • To run the deinstall.bat command located in an Oracle Grid Infrastructure home and use a response file located at D:\Users\oracle\paramfile4.tmpl, enter the following commands while logged in as a member of the Administrators group:
    C:\> cd %ORACLE_HOME% 
    C:\..grid> deinstall\deinstall.bat -paramfile D:\Users\oracle\paramfile4.tmpl