Changes in this Release for Oracle Database

Changes in Oracle Database Installation Guide for Oracle Database 18c.

Changes in Oracle Database Release 18c

New features, deprecated features, and desupported features in this release.

The following are changes in Oracle Database Installation Guide for Oracle Database 18c:

New Features

New features for Oracle Database 18c.

Simplified Image-based Oracle Database Installation

Starting with Oracle Database 18c, the Oracle Database software is available as an image file for download and installation. You must extract the image software into the directory where you want your Oracle home to be located, and then run the runInstaller script to start the Oracle Database installation.

For more information, see About Image-Based Oracle Database Installation

Read-Only Oracle Home

Starting with Oracle Database 18c, if you choose a read-only Oracle home, then the database tools and processes write under the ORACLE_BASE path instead of under the Oracle home directory.

A read-only Oracle home separates the software from the database configuration information and log files. This separation enables you to easily share the software across different deployments. A read-only Oracle home also simplifies version control and standardization.

For more information, see Configuring Read-Only Oracle Homes