Switching to a Different PDB or to the Root

From Oracle Enterprise Manager, you can switch from one PDB to a different PDB, or to the root.

  1. At the top left side of the page, find the database link.

    In the database link, the current container name appears. The following example shows that the current database is the CDB itself (CDB$ROOT), colloquially known as the root.

  2. Select the menu icon to the right of the container, and from this menu, select the database that you want to access.

    If the menu item does not appear, then navigate to a page where it does appear, such as the Database home page.

  3. When you decide which activity you want to perform (such as creating users), log in with the appropriate privileges.

    If you attempt to perform an activity without first having authenticated with the appropriate privileges, then you will be prompted to log in with the appropriate privilege.