Changes in This Release for Oracle Database Administrator's Reference

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Changes in Oracle Database 18c

This section describes changes in Oracle Database Administrator's Reference for Linux and UNIX-Based Operating Systems for Oracle Database 18c.

New Features

The following is a list of new features or enhancements provided with Oracle Database 18c:

  • Read-Only Oracle Home

    Starting with Oracle Database 18c, if you choose a read-only Oracle home, then the database tools and processes write under the ORACLE_BASE_HOME path instead of under the Oracle home directory.

    A read-only Oracle home separates the software from the database configuration information and log files. This separation enables you to easily share the software across different deployments. A read-only Oracle home also simplifies version control and standardization.

    See Also:

    Oracle Database Administrator’s Guide for more information about configuring an Oracle Home in Read-Only mode

Deprecated Features for Oracle Database 18c

The following feature is deprecated in this release:

  • Deprecation of PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE Table

    Starting in Oracle Database 18c, the  SQL*Plus table PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE (PUP) table is deprecated.

    The only use for the PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE (PUP) table is to provide a mechanism to control product-level security for SQL*Plus. Starting with Oracle Database 18c, this mechanism is no longer relevant. This SQL*Plus product-level security feature will be unavailable in Oracle Database 19c. Oracle recommends that you protect data by using Oracle Database settings, so that you ensure consistent security across all client applications.