Desupported Features in Oracle Database 18c

Review this list of desupported features as part of your upgrade planning.

Oracle Administration Assistant for Windows is Desupported

The Oracle Administration Assistant tool for Windows is desupported in Oracle Database 18c.

Oracle Administration Assistant for Windows is desupported in the current database release. Oracle Administration Assistant for Windows was a tool for creating database administrators, operators, users, and roles in Windows. Oracle Administration Assistant also enabled database services, startup and shutdown configurations, and Windows Registry parameter management. There is no replacement.

Oracle Multimedia DICOM Desupported Features

Several Oracle Multimedia DICOM features are desupported in Oracle Database 18c. Replace DICOM with Oracle SecureFiles and third-party DICOM products.

Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) is a medical imaging technology that supports the connectivity of radiological devices. Oracle’s native DICOM feature is deprecated, and parts of it are desupported in this release. The desupport of Oracle Multimedia DICOM includes the following features:

  • Oracle Multimedia DICOM protocol

  • Oracle Multimedia DICOM mid-tier support

  • Oracle Multimedia Oracle DICOM Component for WebCenter integration (DICOM/UCM)

The following Oracle Multimedia DICOM features continue to be deprecated:

  • DICOM support in Oracle Multimedia ORDImage object

  • Oracle Multimedia DICOM objects and packages

There is no replacement for Oracle Multimedia DICOM. Oracle recommends that you replace Oracle Multimedia DICOM by using Oracle SecureFiles with third-party products for DICOM functionality. For example: Use third-party DICOM features to carry out metadata management, DICOM image conversion, and so on.

Oracle Multimedia Java Client Classes Desupported

Oracle Multimedia proxy classes and Oracle Multimedia servlet and JSP classes are desupported.

Oracle Multimedia Java client is desupported in Oracle Database 18c for the following classes:

  • Oracle Multimedia proxy classes, including DICOM proxy classes

  • Oracle Multimedia servlet/jsp classes

To develop Java applications that manage multimedia content within Oracle Databases, Oracle recommends that you embed PL/SQL blocks in Java.

Oracle XML DB Desupported Features

Starting withOracle Database 18c, schema subprograms in DBMS_XMLSCHEMA, many DBMS_XDB subprograms, and many other Oracle XML DB schema features are desupported.

In Oracle Database 12c release 1 (12.1), the PL/SQL package DBMS_XDB_CONFIG was introduced. At the same time, all Oracle XML DB configuration functions, procedures, and constants that were moved from package DBMS_XDB to DBMS_XDB_CONFIG. were deprecated, and a series of other DBMS_XMLSCHEMA, DBMS_XDB subprograms, and other schema features were deprecated. These components are now desupported.

Desupported PL/SQL subprograms in package DBMS_XMLSCHEMA

The following PL/SQL subprograms in package DBMS_XMLSCHEMA are desupported:

  • generateSchema

  • generateSchemas

There are no replacements for these constructs. There is no workaround for this change.

Desupported Oracle XML DB Configuration Functions, Procedures, and Constants

All Oracle XML DB configuration functions, procedures, and constants that were moved from package DBMS_XDB to DBMS_XDB_CONFIG are desupported. Use DBMS_XDB_CONFIG.

The following list of subprograms are desupported in package DBMS_XDB:

























The following constants are desupported in package DBMS_XDB:





Desupported Oracle XQuery Functions

The following Oracle XQuery functions are desupported. Use the corresponding standard XQuery functions instead. Corresponding functions are the functions that have the same names, but that use the namespace prefix fn.

  • ora:matches . Use fn:matches instead

  • ora:replace. Use fn:replace instead

ODP.NET, Managed Driver - Distributed Transaction DLL Desupported

Oracle is desupporting the Oracle.ManagedDataAccessDTC.dll file in Oracle Database 18c.

Oracle provided a native managed distributed transaction support for Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET), Managed Driver using Oracle.ManagedDataAccessDTC.dll. In .NET Framework 4.5.2, Microsoft introduced its own native managed distributed transaction implementation, which managed ODP.NET used. The new .NET Framework made the Oracle.ManagedDataAccessDTC.dll unnecessary. Moreover, Microsoft has desupported all .NET Framework 4 versions earlier than 4.5.2. In accordance with Microsoft policy, Oracle is desupporting the Oracle.ManagedDataAccessDTC.dll file.

The desupport includes removing the UseManagedDTC .NET configuration file parameter, and Oracle.ManagedDataAccessDTC.dll.

Data Guard Broker DGMGRL ALTER Syntax is Desupported

Starting with Oracle Database 18c, the Oracle Data Guard broker ALTER command in DGMGRL is desupported.

The ALTER command syntax in the Data Guard broker DGMGRL command-line interface was deprecated in Oracle Database 10g Release 1 and replaced with the EDIT CONFIGURATION, EDIT DATABASE, and EDIT INSTANCE syntax.

Desupport of CRSUSER on Microsoft Windows Systems

The crsuser utility and the CRSToken method to change the Windows service user is desupported in Oracle Database 18c.

In Oracle Grid Infrastructure releases before Release 12c (12.1), it was supported to use the crsuser utility with Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) to modify the database logon properties of the Oracle Database service from LocalSystem to a user ID.

Oracle introduced the Oracle Home User system privileges role for the DB home in Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c Release 1 (12.1). This role makes the need for the crsuser functionality unnecessary. The crsuser facility was also previously used to create user-defined CRS resources that ran as a Windows user other than LocalSystem. However, Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c Release 1 (12.1) and later releases provide that same functionality with crsctl add wallet -type OSUSER The crsuser feature no longer works. It is no longer developed or supported.

For more information about the crsctl add wallet -type OSUSER command, refer to Oracle Clusterware Administration and Deployment.