13 Loading External JSON Data

You can create a database table of JSON data from the content of a JSON dump file.

This topic shows how you can load a full table of JSON documents from the data in a JSON dump file, $ORACLE_HOME/demo/schema/order_entry/PurchaseOrders.dmp. The format of this file is compatible with the export format produced by common NoSQL databases, including Oracle NoSQL Database. Each row of the file contains a single JSON document represented as a JSON object.

You can query such an external table directly or, for better performance if you have multiple queries that target different rows, you can load an ordinary database table from the data in the external table.

Example 13-1 creates a database directory that corresponds to file-system directory $ORACLE_HOME/demo/schema/order_entry. Example 13-2 then uses this database directory to create and fill an external table, json_dump_file_contents, with the data from the dump file, PurchaseOrders.dmp. It bulk-fills the external table completely, copying all of the JSON documents to column json_document.

Example 13-4 then uses an INSERT as SELECT statement to copy the JSON documents from the external table to JSON column po_document of ordinary database table j_purchaseorder.

Because we chose BLOB storage for JSON column json_document of the external table, column po_document of the ordinary table must also be of type BLOB. Example 13-3 creates table j_purchaseorder with BLOB column po_document.


You need system privilege CREATE ANY DIRECTORY to create a database directory.

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Example 13-1 Creating a Database Directory Object for Purchase Orders

You must replace $ORACLE_HOME here by its value.

  AS '$ORACLE_HOME/demo/schema/order_entry';

Example 13-2 Creating an External Table and Filling It From a JSON Dump File

CREATE TABLE json_dump_file_contents (json_document BLOB)
                         ACCESS PARAMETERS
                           (RECORDS DELIMITED BY 0x'0A'
                            FIELDS (json_document CHAR(5000)))
                         LOCATION (order_entry_dir:'PurchaseOrders.dmp'))

Example 13-3 Creating a Table With a BLOB JSON Column

Table j_purchaseorder has primary key id and JSON column po_document, which is stored using data type BLOB. The LOB cache option is turned on for that column.

DROP TABLE j_purchaseorder;

CREATE TABLE j_purchaseorder
  (id          VARCHAR2 (32) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
   date_loaded TIMESTAMP (6) WITH TIME ZONE,
   po_document BLOB
   CONSTRAINT ensure_json CHECK (po_document IS JSON))
  LOB (po_document) STORE AS (CACHE);

Example 13-4 Copying JSON Data From an External Table To a Database Table

INSERT INTO j_purchaseorder (id, date_loaded, po_document)
  SELECT SYS_GUID(), SYSTIMESTAMP, json_document FROM json_dump_file_contents
    WHERE json_document IS JSON;