exadata Commands

Use commands with the exadata keyword to patch an Oracle Exadata system.

rhpctl update exadata

Patches an Oracle Exadata system.


rhpctl update exadata {-dbnodes comma_separates_list_of_nodes [-patchmgrloc patch_mgr_loc] [-iso_repo iso_repo_name] 
[-backup] [-batches list_of_batches | -continue | -abort] | -cells [-list_of_cell_nodes] | -ibswitches [-list_of_ibswitch_nodes] 
[-downgrade]} [-image exadata_image_name] [-fromnode node_name] [-patchmgargs "-patch_mgr_args"] [-client client_name] 
[-rollback] [-smtpfrom "email_address"] [-smtpto "email_address"] [-schedule {timer_value | NOW }] [-eval]


Table A-19 rhpctl update exadata Command Parameters

Parameter Description

Specifies to patch Exadata database nodes.

-patchmgrloc patch_mgr_loc

Specifies the patch manager location.

-iso_repo iso_image_name

Specifies the ISO image name.


Performs backup of the Exadata database server.

-batches list_of_batches

Optionally, you can specify a comma-delimited list of batches of nodes where each batch is a comma-delimited list of node names enclosed in parentheses and node names are enclosed in double quotation marks ("") in the format: "(nA,nB,...),(...,nY,nZ)".


Update Oracle Exadata on the next batch of nodes.


Abort the ongoing update operation.


Comma separated list of storage server nodes.


Specifies to patch the InfiniBand Network Fabric switches.


List of IB switch nodes in the format Ba,...,Bz


Specify this option to downgrade the InfiniBand Network Fabric switches.


Specify the name of an Oracle Exadata image.

This image should have already been deployed to all the database nodes of the target machine.


Specify the name of the source node.


Optionally specify the patch manager arguments in double quoted string.

-client client_name

Specify the name of the cluster in which you want to update database nodes.


Specify this option to roll back the patch.


The email address from which you want to send patch manager notifications.


The email address to which you want to send patch manager notifications.

-schedule {timer_value | NOW }

Optionally, you can use this parameter to schedule a time to run this operation, in ISO-8601 format, as in the following example:


If NOW is specified or the option is omitted, then the job is scheduled immediately


Evaluate the command without actually running the command.

Usage Notes

Use the rhpctl update exadata command to perform only database node patching.


The following example performs database node patching on a client cluster.

$ rhpctl update exadata image -image EXADATAIMAGEV1 
     -iso_repo p28802055_192000_Linux-x86-64.zip -patchmgrloc /patchMgr/dbserver_patch_19.190306 
     -patchmgrargs "-ignore_alerts" -client CLIENT1 -batches "(rac07box1)"

See Also:

Combined Oracle Exadata Database Server and Grid Infrastructure Update for information about Oracle Exadata database node patching