About the Oracle Instant Client SDK for Linux for ARM (aarch64)

Learn about the software development kit (SDK) development tools for Oracle Instant Client on Linux for ARM (aarch64).

The software development kit (SDK) is a set of development tools that you can use to create applications for Oracle Instant Client. The SDK is available for download as an RPM or a zip file. For example, oracle-instantclient19.10-devel-, oracle-instantclient19.19-devel- and instantclient-sdk-linux.arm64-, instantclient-sdk-linux.arm64-

The SDK contains the following:

  • Both C and C++ header files and a makefile for developing OCI and OCCI applications while in an Oracle Instant Client environment. Developed applications can be deployed in any client environment.
  • Both C and C++ demonstration programs.
  • The Object Type Translator (OTT) utility and its classes to generate application header files.
  • On Linux, the demo.mk makefile is included to build demos. For example, the instantclient_19_10 directory must be in the runtime library search path, and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH before linking the application.