13.56 RESULT_CACHE Clause

Indicates to store the function results into the server result cache.

The RESULT_CACHE clause can appear in the following SQL statements:




result_cache_clause can appear only once in the function.


To make a function result-cached, include the RESULT_CACHE clause in the function definition. If you declare the function before defining it, you must also include the RESULT_CACHE option in the function declaration.

Restriction on RESULT_CACHE

  • RESULT_CACHE is disallowed on functions with OUT or IN OUT parameters.

  • RESULT_CACHE is disallowed on functions with IN or RETURN parameter of (or containing) these types:

    • BLOB

    • CLOB

    • NCLOB


    • Collection

    • Object

    • Record or PL/SQL collection that contains an unsupported return type

  • RESULT_CACHE is disallowed on function in an anonymous block.

  • RESULT_CACHE is disallowed on pipelined table function and nested function.


Specifies the data sources on which the results of the function depend. Each data_source is the name of either a database table or view.


  • This clause is deprecated. As of Oracle Database 12c, the database detects all data sources that are queried while a result-cached function is running, and RELIES_ON clause does nothing.

  • You cannot use RELIES_ON clause in a function declared in an anonymous block.

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