This event is triggered when an HA event occurs.


// C#
public static event OracleHAEventHandler HAEvent;

Event Data

The event handler receives an OracleHAEventArgs object which exposes the following properties containing information about the event.

  • Source

    Indicates the source of the event.

  • Status

    Indicates the status of the event.

  • DatabaseName

    Indicates the database name affected by this event.

  • DatabaseDomainName

    Indicates the database domain name affected by this event.

  • HostName

    Indicates the host name affected by this event.

  • InstanceName

    Indicates the instance name affected by this event.

  • ServiceName

    Indicates the service name affected by this event.

  • Time

    Indicates the time of the event.


The HAEvent is static, which means that any HA Events that happen within the application domain can trigger this event. Note that in order to receive HA event notifications, OracleConnection objects that establish connections within the application domain must have "ha events=true" in the application. Otherwise, the application never receives any HA Events.